What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are St. Luke UMC’s groups of 6 to 12 people that gather throughout the week in homes, restaurants, at the church, or wherever there is a place to sit down and have conversation. They are united around common interests or a particular life stage. Life Groups provide people with the opportunity to connect with others, grow in their relationship with Jesus and experience the love, support, and intentionality of community. 


What happens when I sign up for a group?

You can sign up for a group by contacting Esther Felt. She will contact you with more information and help you find a group that is a good fit for you!


When do groups meet? 

Life Groups meet once a week. Most of our Life Groups meet on Wednesday night at 6 p.m. after the Wednesday Night Together meal. However, there are groups that meet on other days of the week. Life Groups typically do not meet during the summer months. 


Is there a group that’s right for me? 

We have an assortment of groups geared toward various life stages and interests that meet throughout the week. Since there is a variety of groups, you will have the chance to share your life experiences with others who have similar ones! 

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