Michael Myers

Contemporary Worship Leader

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Michael is a passionate worshipper and who loves leading others to the feet of Jesus through song and prayer. From an early age, he valued time singing and making music for the purpose of bringing glory to Jesus Christ.

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Beginning in 1997, when Michael began learning music at St. Luke's youth meetings, a passion and purpose was created. God placed a vision in Michael while leading a summer mission camp several years later which fueled a drive to expel any barriers to connection with God during worship. In 2015, he stepped into the role of  Contemporary Worship Leader at St. Luke. Since taking on this ministry, Michael has placed priority on usage of modern worship tools and developing a team of passionate worshipers who strive for excellence in all facets of life. Michael values preparation, authenticity, and drive for excellence in worship in order to minimize distractions and enhance focus on Christ during worship.

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Michael spends his time serving God, spending time with family, and enjoying Troy University athletics. Michael married Tiffany in 2007, after graduating from Troy University, and relocated back home to Pensacola. They stay busy with their son, Jonathan, and dogs, Blakeney and Frankie.

What's next at St. Luke? Michael holds firm the mission of St. Luke to CONNECT people to God, NURTURE one another in love, SERVE Him near and far.