How do I follow Jesus? 

1 - Appointment with God

We grow in our love for and connection with God by regularly spending time with Him in reading the Bible and prayer. We call this an “appointment with God.” As we prayerfully read the Bible, God gives us insights into how the verses we’ve read apply to our lives. As we pray, we share with Him our hearts concerns. This two-way communication deepens our relationship with God in Christ. 


2 - Baptism

Christian baptism is the public entry into the Christian life and the church. It witnesses to the victory of God’s grace in your life and your response of faith in Christ. Jesus tells us to baptize new disciples in Matthew 28:19-20, so it is important for all new believers to be baptized! Please contact our pastors if you are a candidate for baptism. 


3 - Sunday Morning Worship

In Hebrews 10:24-25, God tells us to meet together. Jesus promises to be present when b3elievers gather for worship. It is in worshiping together that God guides and molds us as disciples, as we experience His presence and receive His word. 


4 - Connect with a Group

We believe it is in the context of Christ-centered relationships that we learn how to live out our faith. Relationships are developed in authentic community, and at St. Luke, we offer community through life groups and Sunday School classes. 

To learn more about community at St. Luke, Click here. 


5 - Connect in Ministry

God calls all believers to advance His kingdom through serving to make the local church happen! We want to help you identify your gifts and talents and equip you to find your place of ministry at St. Luke. As you serve Jesus, He will use your faith to encourage others to follow Him!


6 - Connecting with Others

God calls every believer to share with others our experience of Jesus — how He has changed and is continuing to change our lives. As we share prayerfully, lovingly, and with invitations to Christ and His church, God will bring others into relationship with Himself.